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  • Develop a stronger connection with your animal
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Foundational Equine Massage
What is Included
  • Massage Therapy

  • Anatomy

  • Pathology

  • Posture & Conformation

  • Reading The Horse

  • Massage Techniques


Recognizing Hoof Dysfunction
What is Included
  • The Hoof’s Role

  • Hoof Anatomy

  • Hoof Landings

  • Contracted Heels

  • Sheared Heels

  • Thrush

  • Prolapsed Frog

  • Angles

  • Underrun heels

  • Flares

  • Upright feed vs. Club Feet

  • Chips & Cracks

  • WLD

  • Laminitis

  • Growth Rings & Event Lines

  • Navicular

  • Ringbone

  • Bony Remodeling

“… A great way for us to bond and for him to learn to relax.”


“Highly recommend!! Ansley does an amazing job at explaining everything during the videos. If you want your horse to be comfortable, healthy and happy and want to grow your relationship with your horse, this course is for you!”


“Ansley’s videos are incredibly informative and beautifully balance science with that all- important horsemanship feel.”


“Even though I’ve dealt with horses my entire life, this course completely changed the way I interact with them.”


“Bought this last year. My horses LOVE it.”


“My favorite tool to use.”



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Accredited courses are through the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage.
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