Massage for your horse of course!

Massage for your horse of course!

There are several kinds of people in the horse world. You have those who go above and beyond for their horse, spending every cent they have on the necessities plus more. Their horse’s stall is decked out with stuffed animals, jolly balls, apple licks, salt blocks…you name it they’ve got it! We all know the type. Then you have the opposite end of the spectrum. The horse owners who don’t believe in hand feeding treats. The ones who are perfectly comfortable having their horses live outside 24/7 (I’m sure just reading that is making some of you nervous). Lastly, we come to the inbetweeners. Those of us who fall into a healthy medium of the other two categories. Now the point of my preface is not to shame either of these groups. To each their own…c’est la vie! I am here to educate. No matter what type of horse owner you are or what practices you believe in, that massage therapy IS beneficial for your horse. It is NOT an over the top luxury only for the eccentric and elite.

Let’s start by making a few healthy comparisons so that we can put ourselves in our horse’s shoes. I think we can all agree that most of the time we are asking our horses to do things that they wouldn’t normally do in nature. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a horse take a break from grazing to piaffe just for fun. Nor have I ever seen one passage over to the water trough and proceed to jump a 1.30 meter course in their spare time. For the most part, horses in nature spend the majority of their time grazing, traveling and sleeping with the occasional burst of energy.

That being said, we have to assume that these extraneous activities we’re asking our horses to perform put unnatural stress on their bodies. So what do these stressors look like?

  • Muscle tension
  • Strained ligaments
  • Wear and tear of the hooves
  • Mental stress
  • Joint deterioration
  • Affected energy levels
  • Fascial restrictions
  • Misalignment
  • GI issues
  • Muscular atrophy

…. Just to name a few

So where does massage come in?

Everything in the horse’s body is connected. Every muscle works together to perform an action. Even the tiniest bit of tension in a muscle or restriction in the fascia can lead to problems with performance & under saddle. Massage therapy does for the horse what it cannot do for itself. We are manually manipulating the muscle tissue to release the tensional patterns that have become embedded within. Whether it be with acupressure, trigger point therapy, stretching, myofascial release etc. these are all modalities that can be used to treat muscular & structural issues in the horse. We can reset the negative ‘muscle memory’ in the equine body to improve performance and prevent tensional patterns from reoccurring.

Do you have a horse with sticky lead changes? Massage can fix that. Is your horse short strided? Massage can fit that. Do you have a horse that is ‘cold-backed’? Massage can fix that.

Massage & bodywork for your horse is more than just a gentle feel good rub down. We are making changes on the cellular level within their bodies. Bodywork positively impacts circulation, elasticity, joint mobility, demeanor, performance and lymphatic flow. Bodywork for your horse will not only help you achieve your performance goals with your partner but also increase their longevity!

Get your horse the massage… trust me, they deserve it!