I Believe Introductions Are In Order

I Believe Introductions Are In Order

That horse girl blood runs deep, as we all know.

My story probably isn’t much different than a lot of other horse girls. Obsessed from an early age (I’m almost positive its genetic at this point). Something in my DNA just had horses on the brain 24/7 and I could never let them go. See photographic evidence below.

I grew up somewhat out in the country. The area where we lived was pretty undeveloped at the time, not too far away from Ocala (which is the horse mecca of Florida). I had a neighbor who lived across the street and she just so happened to have a decent amount of acreage, a barn and some retired polo ponies. By the time I was 8 I was exchanging barn chores for time in the saddle. I’d walk over to her farm in the morning, feed the chickens, try not to get chased around by the goats and take care of the horses. I grew up mucking stalls, picking hooves and giving endless baths only to turn the horses out and watch them undo all my hard work (That part still hasn’t changed). I’m a strong believer that some of the best values and character traits are learned in the barn. There is not a more responsible kid than the one that has horses under their care.

By the time I hit my teens I was a working student for my trainer. I absorbed anything and everything I could from her. I was lucky in the sense that she was, in my opinion, one of the most respectable horse women around. Her morals and work ethic were second to none. Her riding was like watching magic. She wasn’t fancy by any means. There was not the luxury of a high end barn. She would show up in her jeans and boots, but the second she got in that saddle the rhythm between her and whatever she was riding was completely in sync. I envied it. In my eyes she was the horse whisperer. I don’t think a lot of kids can tell that same story.

We didn’t have enough money to own a horse, or maybe that’s just a lie my parents told me because they knew better. I took lessons here and there and picked up rides where I could. The barn slowly but surely became the only extracurricular activity I had. I wanted nothing more than to own my own horse. I dreamt of endless green pastures, fence lines, growing my own carrots to feed said imaginary future horses. I was obsessed. No simpler way to put it.

I ended up taking a break from riding once I got to the age where work, school and bills took priority. I got acquainted with adulthood and all that comes with it. But the obsession never left. I would always think to myself, “If I could just be around horses all day I’d be happy.” Fast forward a few years and I was back in the saddle. I found a local barn and leased a wonderful little mare there for about a year. I was finally able to purchase my own horse in April 2019. Charlie is off the track thoroughbred who has had quite the story of his own. He’s proven to be somewhat of a little case study for me, but that’s a post for another day.

This horse girl finally got her wish and although it costs me a lot emotionally, financially and physically, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.